10 Year Celebratory National Non Medical Prescribing Conference

“Raising the Bar”

10 Years NMP Conference

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What This Site is About

Pink & Blue PillsThe opportunity for nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, radiographers,optometrists and podiatrists to become qualified prescribers (known as Non Medical Prescribers) provides patients with a greater opportunity of quickly accessing the medicines they require. The benefits for patients are an avoidance of a delay in receiving medicines, a reduction in the amount of unnecessay appointments, reduced risk of hospitalisation and faster recovery. Without doubt this will give both NHS and non NHS organisations value for money.

Fiona Peniston-Bird, the founder of nmprescribing which she set up in March 2007, previously worked as the Non Medical Prescribing Facilitator on a development and implementation of Non Medical Prescribing programme for over 3 years across Surrey & Sussex Strategic Health Authority, and has considerable expertise in all matters related to Non Medical Prescribing development and implementation. Fiona is now working in an independent role; advising health providing organisations on what is required for the development and implementation of Non Medical Prescribing, both within and outside the NHS, as well as providing Continued Professional Development for Non Medical Prescribers.

nmprescribing aims to enlighten individuals who have a responsibility of developing services within health providing organisations, as to what is required in terms of the necessary infrastructure needed to support the safe and effective development and implementation of Non Medical Prescribing. This will then aid the organisation in its ability to comply with necessary safety standards during assessment.

Fiona can be contacted and commissioned to undertake individually tailored work across the UK in relation to Non Medical Prescribing development. See Services for more information on what we offer.

Continued Professional Development for Non Medical Prescribers

nmprescribing has a menu of training CPD topics which can be delivered in-house for Non Medical Prescribers. Please contact us for more details should you be interested in booking any of these days.


What Clients Say

2 of our staff have recently attended two prescribing study days that you have arranged "The Jury is Out" and "Safety First, Prescribing in Co-Morbidities" the feedback from them is that both days were absolutely fantastic. The days were well run, the speakers were extremely knowledgeable in the area that they taught and kept attention all day. It is so easy to work with you Fiona, and all the courses have had brilliant evaluations.

- Mandy Harsley MSc. RN. RM. RHV. PGCE, Non Medical Prescribing Lead, Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust 

I would just like to say how much I enjoyed the conference ealier this month. It was very interesting, well organised and professional. The speakers and their presentations were excellent, as was the idea to have their presentations given to us on a disc. The content was appropriate especially the BNF talk. The venue was well chosen being in the heart of London and the catering was good. It was well worth the fee. Good work Fiona and a big thank you.

- Judy Fry, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Worchestershire Acute NHS Trust - Delegate at Generic Issues for Non Medical Prescribers conference

I just wanted to reiterate that this is a fantastic evaluation - you should be proud!! It was a great day and judging from evaluation scores and comments your hard work has been well worth it.

- Karen Martin, Specialist Nurse Mental Health, Inverkeithing Medical Group Fife - speaker at NMP in Mental Health conference

Fiona was commissioned to do some work for Boots in relation to enabling Pharmacist Independent Prescribers to safely use their qualification. The group of pharmacists who were involved positively evaluated the work that Fiona did. Fiona was professional and extremely knowledgeable in what she delivered, and did exactly what she was asked to do ensuring effective delivery of specified outcomes. I would use Fiona's expertise in the future to support the development of Pharmacist Prescribers.

– Gary Dobinson, Programme Development Manager - Pharmacists, Boots The Chemists

I have known and worked with Fiona for aproximately six years. In all of this time Fiona has diligently and effectively worked to a high standard, meeting timescales, and always achieving the objective agreed. She has a considerable depth of knowledge and a commitment and passion to driving the Non Medical Prescribing agenda. I have always been able to depend and rely on Fiona both personally and professionally. I am delighted and consider it a privilege to know and work with her. I would certainly not hesitate in working with her to continue to improve the developments within non medical prescribing.

- Barbara Stuttle Chair Association for Nurse Prescribing