Prescribing for Patients who use Drugs and Alcohol

1 day
(Up to 35 delegates)

This is in-house training – we come to your organisation and deliver to your staff on an agreed date at a venue chosen and arranged by you. All participants will receive training materials and certificates of attendance.

The Course Aim
Drug and alcohol use are common. 1 in 3 adults WILL use illicit drugs sometime during their life and 1 in 6 adults drink at “increasing risk” levels. These figures present us with a difficult task: How can clinicians safely prescribe for patients in this cohort? This course will examine this challenging area through an interactive exploration of both drug and alcohol use and appropriate prescribing within this context for both the experienced or inexperienced Non-Medical Prescriber.

Learning outcomes
By the end of the session participants should be able to:
• Discuss the prevalence of illicit drug and alcohol use in the UK and the potential impact on your prescribing
• Undertake a basic drug and alcohol history relevant to a generalist NMP
• Understand the consequences of illicit drug and alcohol use on the health of your patient
• Differentiate treatment options for these presentations and when it is appropriate to prescribe e.g. treatment of depression when the patient has an alcohol use disorder
• Prescribe safely for other physical and mental health presentations that may be independent of the patient’s drug or alcohol use
• Describe illicit and/or alcohol and licit drug interactions and their relevance when making prescribing decisions

Course content
• Overview of the impact and prevalence of drug and alcohol use in the UK including some basic nomenclature on drug and alcohol use disorders
• How do I take a basic drug and alcohol history for my patients?
• What is the impact of drug and/or alcohol use on my patients’ physical and/or mental health?
• Is prescribing an option when patients present with these conditions and how do I decide?
• Prescribing safely for patients with chronic health conditions who use illicit drugs and/or alcohol
• Illicit drug/alcohol – prescribed drug interactions: are they important or relevant?

Our trainer Graham Parsons, has been a pharmacist for 22 years and has an interest in Substance Use disorders. In 2003 Graham was invited to work alongside a GP Specialist in Substance Misuse and undertook the RCGP Certificate in the Management of Substance Misuse (Parts I and II) and a Diploma in Community Pharmacy at Cardiff University. In April 2007 Graham became an NMP and in July 2010 was appointed to the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs.